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  B2B Matchmaking Service

Make the right connections at SECAM 2O19

Our business matchmaking solutions enable participants @ SECAM 2019 to make better decisions and help make their products, services and technologies more quickly and more widely available in new markets in Africa. Based on your marketing objectives in Africa, let us organise meetings with the VIPs, including Mayors, Decision Makers or/and Key Buyers. 


You must be a registered conference delegate or speaker to benefit from the free B2B Matchmaking Service @ SECAM 2019. Our highly personalised approach enables conference participants to:

  • Develop Mutually-Beneficial Research Projects with Well-Matched International Partners.

  • Replicate and Scale their Existing Success in African Markets.

  • Ensure That You Spend Time In Front of The Right Partners Instead of Prospecting and/or Marketing.

  • Improve Appointment Setting with local governments.

  • Identify Potential Business Partners and Find International Sales Leads in Africa.

  • Meet Appropriate Decision Makers in Africa.

  • Arrange International Meetings and Presentations in Africa.

  • Find and Profile International Distributors in Africa.

  • Develop Africa’s Market Entry Strategies.


We understand time and money is precious, so we have set up a personalised B2B matchmaking service that gives you the opportunity to select at least  5 types of partners (companies or institutions) you would like to meet with, all completely free of charge. This platform will enable you to make the right connections through pre-arranged meetings with the people you want to meet and whom you want to meet.


We will be scheduling 30 minutes for each personalised business meetings for you from the 21st - 26th October 2019. In order to manage your time between the conference and one-on-one B2B meetings at SECAM2018, and to best understand the types of partners whom you would like to meet within Yaoundé, Cameroon.



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