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     Yaoundé Tourism ...Food and places to visit…

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Mfoundi Waterfalls

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Cameroon National Museum: Located in the capital city of Yaoundé, this historic building dates from 1930s when the colonial masters were still in control of the territory. It later served as a presidential residence as from 1960s when Cameroon had its independence from France till 2001. It provides a trip through Cameroon’s history and is composed of tribal objects from around the country, including garments and drums. 

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The Mvog Betsi Zoo is located at Melen in Yaounde and is run by the Ministry of Forestery and Wildlife (MINFOF), in Yaounde Cameroon and there is found a wide range of species, including big cats, reptiles and birds of prey. Being one of the main tourist attraction, it serves simultaneously as a space for the housing and rehabilitation of animals as well as a space for educating and entertaining the public.

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 Poulet D. G – Forget about le Directeur General (boss). Anyone can make this Elitist Chicken dish . It’s now available in every restaurant in Cameroon

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Ndole- At the top of my favorite Cameroonian food is Ndole. Oh yes!  And it’s rumored to be the un-official Cameroon National dish.

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